All Cranked Up EP

All Cranked Up  EP

All Cranked Up EP

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‘All Cranked Up’ is the debut release from maximum rock’n’roll duo His Lordship.

Formed by guitarist James Walbourne and drummer Kristoffer Sonne during 2021 the band have already been hotly tipped by 6 Music. The ‘All Cranked Up’ EP is a 6 track collection that epitomises the ups and downs of the last 2 years. An explosion of energy and frustration, it is the sound of Walbourne fully unleashed as a frontman.

Upon hearing the band Chrissie Hynde stated "A breath of fresh air…reminds me of Motorhead. What the world needs now!”

Author John Niven concludes “It makes The Cramps sound like yacht rock”

"It’s 5am. All cranked up with nowhere to go. Here we are again. Jerry Lee Lewis and Iggy Pop wrestling in the hallway. Englebert Humperdink trying to break things up. Little Richard swinging on a chandelier, laughing. Through the haze I get up to make a cup of tea and trip on an overflowing ashtray. The music is loud, the options are few. I’m all cranked up with nowhere to go.”

The EP - which is strictly limited to just 500 copies worldwide - arrives with cover picture taken at the Wigan Casino in 1976 by the legendary Red Saunders - one of the founders of the Rock Against Racism movement in the mid 70s.

Track listing:

Side One
1. All Cranked Up
2. I Live In The City
3. The Repenter

Side Two
1. I’m So Bored Of Being Bored
2. I An Amsterdam
3. Swinging Brick